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We provide intervention specialists in Toronto and across Canada.





You don’t have to deal with interventions, addicted loved ones, or alcohol addiction treatment in Toronto alone. Sangfroid Intervention & Associates are professional interventionists working Canada-wide, with an extensive list of supportive services. Take advantage of our connections and experience. 

With our in-depth knowledge of alcohol recovery treatment services available in Toronto and across Canada, we understand the personal benefits of particular treatment providers over others. As quality alcohol intervention services in Toronto and throughout Canada, we pride ourselves on our intervention process, and through that process, we discover what specific needs your addicted loved one requires. 


Based on these needs, we offer suggestions, support, and access to evidence-based alcohol addiction treatments, constantly aware of co-occurring mental health issues, including anxiety, trauma, depression, and bipolar disorders. 


Our mission is to enable anyone and everyone to get healthy and stay healthy.



A variety of alcohol recovery treatments you can expect may include: 



Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat alcohol addiction. Through this personal time with your loved one, therapists learn about how they react to specific triggers in the addict’s life. These sessions with the therapists are also an excellent opportunity for the addict to speak openly about their past, experiences, fears, struggles, hopes and dreams. The therapist can then give the patient the tools they need to address those struggles and overcome them to live a healthier lifestyle.



Group Therapy

Although individual therapy is an essential part of alcohol addiction treatment, group therapy has also proven to be a critical component to success. Those attending alcohol recovery treatment are exposed to the struggles of others who are suffering from a similar addiction. Allowing them to support each other and start the healing process together is crucial.



Family Therapy

You made the call to Sangfroid’s alcohol intervention services in Toronto for a reason – you needed help with an addicted loved one. It is not an “individual” problem. It affects the entire family. We encourage the families to stay involved to love and support the addict through the next stage. Many facilities providing alcohol addiction treatment in Toronto, and across Canada, offer family therapy as part of their treatment process. Numerous potential issues can be addressed and resolved in the therapy sessions, such as codependency, enabling, anger, destructive behaviors, and more.


Specialized Therapy

Alcohol recovery treatment facilities may also provide specialized therapy sessions that focus on specifics such as certain behaviours, stress and anger management, family life, relationships, and more. Underlying issues that may have contributed to the alcohol addiction may surface, allowing the addict more success to heal and move on with a healthy lifestyle.  

Our interventionists put you at immediate ease and into solution mode.   

Finding the right treatment facility for your addicted friend, son, daughter, mother, father, or colleague is critical. However, as providers of alcohol intervention services in Toronto and across Canada, we urge you to give us a call to support your research and implement the correct process in dealing with these complicated situations. 


Drastically increase a successful outcome for you and your loved one by working with intervention professionals. Together we will lay a proper foundation and help guide you through the journey ahead.