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Sangfroid Intervention & Associates helps to identify the changes necessary to not only improving your life but the life of a loved one who may be suffering from drug addiction. Families and friends will do anything to help their loved one such as providing money, a place to live, and meals. Yet, an intervention and drug addiction recovery may be perceived as too aggressive to those wanting to break the cycle of addiction of a loved one. However, it is the best way to help an addict and end what may seem like a hopeless situation.

Addicts encourage family members and friends to enable them through guilt, hope, fear and victimhood to prevent change. It’s hard to hear, but most often, by doing what you think is helping the addicted loved one keeps them comfortable enough not to change their behaviours.

It is often believed that an addict must hit rock bottom before getting well, but this is not entirely true.

If you know someone who is struggling with drug addiction, the battle does not have to be theirs, or yours, to fight alone. Sangfroid Intervention & Associates is here to provide growth through intervention and drug addiction recovery.


Our mission is to support those struggling with addiction to reach their goal of a happy, healthy, and productive sober life. Our suggestions for treatment are genuinely unbiased and based on the best drug addiction recovery Toronto provides as well as other quality facilities nationwide. 


Because chemical dependency is a complex disorder, effective drug addiction recovery requires interventions that address the individual as a whole; physical health, mental health, and interpersonal relationships. 


Our interventionists assist with finding the facilities that provide drug addiction recovery in Toronto, and nationwide, with proven success for the presented issues in each individual case. 


Common elements of comprehensive drug addiction recovery may include but are not limited to:  


  • Detoxification and medical management of withdrawal symptoms.

  • An in-depth evaluation of the nature of use, resulting in a proper diagnosis.

  • A custom treatment plan developed for the patient and is modified as the client progresses.

  • Pharmacological therapy, when appropriate.

  • Continued abstinence from drugs and other substances.

  • Vocational and educational assistance.

  • Cognitive and behavioural therapies.

  • Clinical case management.

  • Self-help and peer support in conjunction with continued professional treatment.



Professionals providing drug addiction recovery in Toronto or any Canadian treatment facility may recommend longer stays for reasons such as:


Relapse survivors. Many people who relapse end up dying of an overdose. Anyone struggling with a potential relapse must commit to a long-term drug addiction recovery center. 


A family history of drug addiction. History of addiction or mental illness in the family concerns drug addiction recovery specialists as returning home after your stay in rehab may make maintaining recovery difficult due to old lifestyle habits and environment.


Mental illness. It takes some time for mental illness symptoms to manifest after detox. With longer-term drug addiction recovery programs, there is plenty of time for a correct diagnosis followed up with a treatment plan necessary for both mental illness and addiction.


Cross-addiction. People with two or more addictions may benefit from extended stays in drug addiction recovery. If your loved one tends to replace one addiction with another or have multiple addictions, give our interventionists a call today. We have the contacts needed to support your decision to confront and place the addicted person into a long-term drug addiction recovery facility in Toronto or numerous other cities across Canada. 

You are not alone in dealing with your current situation.


Helping your daughter, son, mother, father, brother, sister, or colleague starts with a call to Sangfroid Intervention & Associates. We are here to perform interventions and assist with the appropriate foundation for continued success. We believe in giving our clients access to a variety of tools to not only overcome their addiction but also to succeed in long-term sobriety. 


Starting drug addiction recovery in Toronto is life-changing, and we will support you and your loved one throughout the journey.