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Signs of Alcoholism: When it’s time to call an Interventionist in Ontario

It’s tough a call. No one likes to be the “whistleblower” on someone else’s life. But when the signs and symptoms are just too much to ignore, you can’t help but care and dig deeper. Your assumptions may very well be correct, and your loved one could be abusing alcohol.

This disease touches everyone around the addicted person. After the initial denial and coming to terms with the fact that your loved one could have a problem with alcohol, the biggest challenge is usually figuring out, what to do.

You start to wish that you could flip a switch and make it all go away.

Why can’t they just stop?

Don’t they know they’re hurting themselves and us?

How can someone be so disrespectful?

Every time I try to talk to them, they get angry, storm off, and get drunk.

This is the last time I give them money! Until you do, again. And again.

While holding an intervention may seem drastic, it could be the most effective and relatively easiest way to help your loved one recover.

When deciding if you should contact an Interventionist in Ontario, consider these four signs that indicate it is absolutely the right time to take immediate action:

Alcohol Use Has Become Compulsive

Addiction takes away one’s ability to control themselves. They do not pay attention to when, how much, or how often they drink alcohol.

They may be:

• Drinking first thing in the morning

• Bringing alcohol to unreasonable places such as work, church, and school

• Unable to stop at only one drink

• Knowing they should cut back, but continuously fail

These signs indicate that alcohol is being abused and has crossed the line into an uncontrollable urge. Contacting an Interventionist in Ontario early on, as soon as you notice these signs can minimize stress on everyone and maximize the chances of recovery.

Appearance of Alcohol-Related Health Problems

Major health problems are seen more often in people who excessively drink alcohol. Liver disease, liver cancer, other cancers, and cardiovascular disease are all conditions that may be caused by alcoholism or at the very least exacerbated by the abuse of alcohol.

Alcoholics are more likely to have abnormal test results when doctors perform routine screenings. This information can provide the family with more confidence when contacting an Interventionist in Ontario. Also, because of this acquired data, the family can offer proof during an intervention that alcohol abuse has reached a dangerous level, and they are genuinely there to help with these health concerns.

Risking the Safety of Others

Alcoholics not only harm themselves but family and friends are at risk as well. The addicted loved one does not clearly understand either of these concepts. Therefore, they may drive under the influence with others in the vehicle, get into physical altercations, become reckless with sexual partners or partake in other dangerous behaviours. Family conflicts and jail time are typically the end results.

Conversations are not Working

Many families touched by alcoholism try and brave it alone. You hold frequent family meetings or informal talks. You tell your addicted loved one several times how their behaviour is affecting you and how much it hurts. You’ve begged. Even pleaded. Have given dozens of ultimatums. You’ve spent hours researching several rehab facilities and treatment options.

All that you have to show for it is sleepless nights, endless frustrations and perhaps a dwindling bank account. It’s time to get serious and contact an Interventionist in Ontario. Now!

Holding an intervention is not easy. It’s common for families to struggle with both the idea and the execution. Professional interventionists help families every day, putting plans in place for everyone involved with the ultimate goal to get your addicted loved one into recovery. It’s time for all of you to get on a better path.

Contact Sangfroid Intervention & Associates today! We’ll provide the wake-up call your loved one needs while supporting the entire family.