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We enlisted the services of James and Charmeyn for an Intervention for my Nephew. They were informative, compassionate and understanding. James laid out the process and explained what we should anticipate the cost to be. We met with him individually,  to get a clear picture of our family dynamics and the extent of our Nephew's addictions. We had a rehearsal where James assisted us with writing our letters and told us what to anticipate as far as what type of resistance we could expect. The Intervention went well and my Nephew agreed to take the help offered. He's just begun his rehab journey. We're hoping that he's able to live a sober life going forward and apply the tools needed to be happy again. We couldn't have done this without the help of James and Charmeyn. Thank you so much

oh my! oh my! oh my! Thank you!

James, you rock!!! Thank you thank you thank you so much for being there and being persistent and just knowing in your heart that this was going to work, thank you.

You are a man of honor! Thank you so much for what you have done for my brother and his wife and kids. Your way of working and executing is very well planned. I would recommend you anytime

As you know life is a journey... our own journey... no one needs to know the details... please take care of my mom and I promise I will never disappoint you with the care you gave to me...promise.

Gwen and I really appreciate all that you have done James, keep up the great work

James, thank you so much! We could never have done it without you! I cried this morning when I got the picture from you, but I'm so happy he's there! You are the best. Thank you.

When we first met for my niece's Intervention. I was instantly drawn to both of your energies, and though what a great partnership. You complemented each other perfectly. Good cop, bad cop so to speak. I felt very comfortable very quickly. 


Very professional, yet very approachable. Very informative, through experience, which in my opinion is priceless....and I can go on and on. 


But the biggest thing I want to say is that you have both changed my life forever in many ways, for the better, and I look forward to many years of friendship and deep conversations. 


Charmeyn, a special thanks for introducing me to your resources.I really enjoy her company. She brings me great joy. 


My niece is on a much better path, we can only hope she reaches out more, but the way you handled the intervention was amazing to me. I just felt the passion and the urgency you both felt and how quickly you had everything in place. Amazing.


Thank you. 

Writing this testimonial has been extremely challenging. I feel the weight of responsibility to convey what James and Charmeyn have done for us. Today our son is in day 24 of his treatment program. We first talked to James 28 days ago. They accomplished what we could not. Furthermore, they did it with love and compassion. They brought experience and knowledge and a passion for changing the lives of addicts and their families. From that very difficult first contact, to James escorting our son to treatment, arriving in the middle of the night, staying with him every step of the way, their support and guidance were beyond amazing. Entertaining the idea of an “intervention” was terrifying.


If you are reading this you likely have a loved one who needs help and like us, you are not making any progress on your own. I simply cannot encourage you enough to make that first call to Sangfroid. We can’t know what the future holds for our son, but we now have hope. James and Charmeyn, you will forever have a special place in our hearts. Thank you.


(Note: cost is a practical concern for families. I want to say there will be no surprises with James and Charmeyn. They will let you know up front what to expect and they will be respectful of your resources.)  February 5, 2020 

We are so grateful to the both of you for all of your expertise and support through one of the most difficult situations our family has ever faced.  Your guidance, knowledge and compassion gave us confidence that our loved one would be in good hands through the intervention process. 

Not knowing where to turn and losing hope when your loved one is afflicted with addiction is devastating and overwhelming.  You gave us hope when I had all but given up.  The care and kindness you have shown with me and my daughters as we navigated through this process reminded us that our healing is an equally important part of the process.  Your reassurance that you are always there for us has truly been a blessing and a comfort for our family. 

I know the rest is up to our loved one.  I believe and trust that with your assistance we have given him the best chance possible to become well.

May God continue to bless you both and this important work that you do.