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When you call Sangfroid Intervention, you’ll speak with someone who knows what you’re going through and can help you navigate the drug and alcohol recovery process. We offer real information on how alcohol interventions, treatment and rehab programs work. Our process to help you and your loved one is effective, respectful and supportive. Intervention and treatment programs are not created equal.


We are here to confidentially connect with you and answer your questions about alcohol addiction.  Our Toronto area interventionists are trained counselors able to help as Sober Living Coaches and with Couples' Counseling. 

Many people are under the impression that interventions are dramatic encounters that are designed to force an individual suffering from alcohol addiction into treatment. This belief is due in large part to the prevalence of television shows that depict interventions in this way. Negative associations with interventions and their outcomes can be dangerous for addicts and their loved ones, so it is important to educate yourself and others about what an intervention is and how it is conducted properly.

Real interventions are very different from their television portrayals. They usually involve much less drama, rarely deliver ultimatums, and often involve more than one meeting between family members and an addicted individual. An intervention is a carefully planned encounter designed to gently confront an addict about their behavior and encourage them to seek help in a rehab facility.

Addicts must seek treatment of their own volition to have the best chance of a successful recovery. An intervention that is facilitated by a professional intervention counselor might be the best option for somebody wishing to help a loved one understand how his or her alcohol addiction is affecting the family and friends of the addict. If you are looking for an intervention counselor, don't suffer any longer. Please reach out to us today. 

Every Intervention is successful.

Research suggests that up to 95% of interventions succeed at getting the person into treatment.

Through the process of the intervention with the education and support, the family system is changed and regardless if your person goes to treatment or not, the system will never be the same.

What is an Intervention?

An Intervention is an opportunity to interrupt a person’s destructive life patterns. It’s a Starting Point to Change. There are several types of intervention. Some common models of intervention are the Johnson Model, ARISE Intervention Model and the Love First Model of Intervention. All models have the goal of healing the family system and helping your person accept treatment.

What is an 


The interventionist is the individual who helps identify the appropriate people in the life of a person who is experiencing substance use, mental or behavioral health problems that will become an influential part of a recovery team. The team will enable their person and family to accept treatment and recovery. The interventionist supports, educates, provides guidance, direction and training, as well as the facilitation of the intervention and aftercare.

An interventionist is a helpful tool for individual, family members, colleague or friend who is resistant to addressing his or her problem. When people are initially resistant and then enter treatment due to intervention and therapeutic relationship with an interventionist, they and their network do very well due to the support, networking, collaboration and aftercare.

Why Use An Intervention Professional?

Sangfroid Intervention firmly believes that is it is imperative to use an interventionist that is highly trained and skilled in family systems and successful intervention techniques. We believe our members meet the standards of excellence and uphold the highest ethical standards.


At Sangfroid Intervention, we use our knowledge and skill to guide, educate and support the family while offering the best treatment options available to the families and clients that they are working with. We are also able to make referrals to other professionals if the intervention is not within our scope of practice.


It is always good to utilize our services, to help diffuse any anger and frustration that your person may project during the intervention and to help keep the focus on your persons need to seek help and not any other dysfunction in the system.